All 4 Nepal

As you are aware, Nepal was recently struck by a major tragedy and with many lives lost and many more lives being affected by this event, the people of Nepal have to pick up the pieces from what remains, which we all know will take months before Nepal can return to its former self.  Through the Round Table Family we have started the All4Nepal campaign this is a first time we have had such a global commitment with the 6 Organisations and together we swill be stronger for the future of Nepal. We are working together with our members in Nepal and already seeing great work being done who through all this, are making a difference where it matters in the epicentre area!

We have taken advice and discussed with our members to see how we can best support and make a difference in the communities and one thing that we have looked and and taking forward is the fact that most of the schools do not have building and other infrastructure to enable them to open the schools again since the disaster. We were told that schools across the district have faced 90% damage and it will be very difficult to restart schools and the drop out rate will increase, and children will start working at other places to never return back to schools. 

After getting these figures we felt that getting children back into school should be our key focus as an educated Nepal is an important thing for RT Family and fits in place with our common program, so we will be starting a Freedom Through Education (FTE) scheme. For this matter further information will be gathered and more studies shall be done to better assist us and looking to work with the government to rebuild schools at the earliest with the right resources and plan in place……We are focused towards building a better future and securing the interest of the children of Nepal, so please support with your donations and rest assured every coin donated will be put back into the community!

International Presidents of RT Family

The collected amount so far is €300482.45